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Robyn Faraday

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I'm a highly motivated, 26 year old Interior designer / Dance instructor. Currently I Freelance for a well know retail design firm as well as a full time dance instructor for the AUDREY ANDERSON school of modern dance. 

I am an enthusiast by nature and generally hold a very positive attitude.

I strive to be successful in my own right, and endeavoring to obtain as many qualifications to better myself, so as to be fully equipped to manage challenging situations.

I enjoy interacting with people which I believe makes me easy to get along with, adapt quickly to change and I am open-minded, which is demonstrated through my experience of working in many different environments with success.

I am a very hardworking and self motivated young person. I believe I can achieve anything and will strive to do my absolute best.

I find myself to be a relaxed and calm natured young woman with the ability to see the “bigger picture” in a tough situation. This has inspired my drive for an organizational position with a creative flare.


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